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Pages in development. Thank you for your patience. At this point, I am still building the containers for much great content to come. Please come back often to visit these pages. I'll be moving the furniture around quite a bit, trying to get everything right.

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Copyright and Disclaimers

Copyright: Unless otherwise stated (e.g., YouTube videos, Wikipedia articles, GoogleMaps, and similar linked info not on this site or on my overall webplex), any text or images should be assumed to be my personal intellectual property and as such, subject to U.S. and international copyright laws and conventions. You are welcome to link my site(s) from your website(s). Please do not steal text or information from this webplex for any purpose. The theft of intellectual property can result in life-altering, severe penalties and embarrassment for you, as experience with several thieves has already proven in past years.

Disclaimers: I take no responsibility for any of the offsite links or their content. I provide them in the spirit that they are publicly available, I have tried them and considered them safe, and I am merely offering them as references. Whatever links I provide, I have visited there and feel reasonably confident they are well-intentioned and on the level. Wherever I offer commercial links (e.g., Expedia) out of fairness for linking their publicly offered advertising and other promotional material, I have no connection or stake with any such company. The only advertising intended at this webplex is for my own books, articles, essays, stories, and other writing as listed in my Bookship at Café Okay.

Information from Google, YouTube, and Wikipedia among other sources is served remotely from their servers. I merely provide a link or gateway in this curated story. If I ever do connect (via an affiliate site, for example, like I have going with Amazon for my books since 1998) I will openly and honestly tell you. My goal here, if anything, is to share my love for travel and San Diego—and honestly, to bring traffic to my website so you may also learn (if you are interested; totally optional) about my life's work as a writer and researcher. I have created a Bookshop for that purpose (Café Okay) where you may browse if you wish, without any obligation. I collect absolutely no information on visitors, so you can come and go anonymously as you please.

I have no intention of posting anything discriminatory, offensive, or otherwise upsetting. If you feel something should not be here, please let me know (see Contact above) and I'll promptly consider removing it. We are here to have fun, let's keep that in mind. Clean fun, at that. As you will gather from my overall website, I am very progressive minded, and believe in Abraham Lincoln's dictum (to paraphrase) "kindness for all, and malice toward none."


Over 50 Titles

Jump on the Carousel. Click the image either above or below to visit the Cafe Okay Bookshop and Carousel of my titles (over 50 at last count, including many novels and nonfiction books). I continue to write, bringing readers entertainment and information as a journalist, history and scienc writer, novelist, and essayist.