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The Story: Short Version

My City: Come for a Video Visit and More. I have traveled a lot in my life, both in Europe and North America. As a result of some serendipity, being reunited with a long-lost second grade school buddy in Luxembourg after sixty years, I had this cool idea. Georges and I have been communicating via computer and Skype since our amazing reunion. The short version of this story is that I started sending him some links of San Diego interest, including Wikipedia pages and YouTube videos. It occurred to me, since I already owned the domain name San Diegoer, now I had a medium and a message. So now I'm going to give visitors to my webplex a curated tour of San Diego and environs. That's the short story. The longer version will follow shortly.

Too Much All At Once, But That's How We Like It. I should point out that I realized, as I started sending these links, that there is more to see and do here than I have been conscious of, even after living here for about forty years.

Curated Tours, Free. When I turned thirty, I had lived exactly half my life in Europe and half my life in North America. That's Luxembourg, France, and (then West) Germany on one side, and on the North American side, New England and California (New Haven and San Diego, more precisely). I also relish travel in Canada, both Western (Vancouver, Victoria, etc.) and French (Montreal, Quebec). Since returning to San Diego nearly forty years ago, I have anchored myself here, raised a family, and worked hard. My wife and son and I make occasional forays out of town together, most notably in May-June 2017 across Europe. The point is that I'm well familiar with what I call the Tourist Bubble, both in San Diego (33 million visitors a year) and across North America and Europe.

In that spirit, and I hope you'll share the feeling, it's exciting for me to be a tourist once again in my own city, and to bring visitors along online. You may be a person who is curious about San Diego, or has been here and wants to return, or is preparing for a trip. In any case, these videos and links that I will build here over time should be interesting, useful, and entertaining. I'm exciting to curate for you among the many resources available, maybe save you some time, provide some entertainment as I share my own excitement about this amazing place, and help you prepare for a visit—or just enjoy Southern California with its beaches, mountains, deserts, and wine country (to name just a few attractions). Just stop on by, drop what you're doing, and vicariously visit San Diego, Coronado, and other points of interest in SoCal.


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