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Oz Wazo Presents. Coronado Ferry Landing, San Diego.

Best Views: Coronado Ferry Landing. Here's another great summary to whet your appetite. One of the two best views of downtown San Diego is from the Ferry Landing at Centennial Park in Coronado, which is across San Diego Bay We have one of the oldest major airports in the world, located almost downtown, so you'll see airliners cruising down low among the buildings with their wheels down, almost clipping the top of the Laurel Street parking garage. Here you go with a fine overview featuring Coronado across the Bay. This is from Travel Ladybug.

Phoebe Chongchua presents… Long-time San Diego professional newscaster presents a good video overview: Coronado Ferry Landing: More Than Just A Pretty Place And "Greener" Than Ever. Coronado is not only a wonderful little city on a peninsula (or island) across the Bay; it provides one of the best views of the downtown area looking toward the skyline, Embarcadero or Harbor, Broadway Pier, and much more. Seeing the beautiful skyline gives us some sense of perspective. San Diego, the eighth largest city in the U.S., gets over 33 million visitors a year (many tourists; many for conventions). Still, it's not about size or quantity, but about quality, and San Diego is unrivaled for quality (just think of the climate).

Across the Bay. Coronado, incorporated as a city in 1891, reminds me of a small New England town. Coming by car or bus across the San Diego-Coronado Bridge (over 320 feet above sea level at high tide at its peak), you will be struck by two posted signs. Going into Coronado, you learn that the population is about 28,000. Heading back into San Diego (the airport, Lindbergh Field, is a ten mile drive from the Hotel del Coronado) you learn that the population of San Diego proper is almost 1.5 million. Visitors from New York City, Chicago, London, Paris, and the like will not find San Diego to be a city of skyscrapers or extravagant size. Rather, it is a laid back, energy-efficient city where people work hard and play hard. Yes, like everywhere else in the world, people live their lives here, raising families, working, struggling, and making merry as we all do around the world. But the secret of the Tourist Bubble is that, while you are in it, here or in any other great tourist destination, you get a sort of runner's high. Be in the Tourist Bubble, leave your cares behind—eat, drink, and rush around being merry.


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